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High-Efficiency Induction Lighting Systems for Retrofit and Specified Installation

Our Services

We provide a number of services to simplify the process of updating your facilities with our induction lighting products.

Free Initial Consultation

Is induction lighting a good fit for your business? Submit a form online or call to speak with one of our experts and we'll help you determine the ways in which your business can benefit from induction lighting.

Induction Light Supply

GreenLight Induction Lighting provides induction lighting fixtures and bulbs at costs of up to 45% less than some competitors. From small, family-owned businesses to large national chains, our high quality products, low prices and outstanding service make us a favorable choice for your lighting partners.

Retrofit and Specified Installation Support

If your existing building does not currently utilize induction lighting technology, our retrofit products are designed to work with your existing electrical connections for a simple upgrade process. We will work with your existing electrical contractors or recommend a firm for the job, providing product support and lighting consultation during the installation.

On-site and Remote Lighting Audits

In order to provide an accurate estimate of your potential savings with a GreenLight Induction Lighting system, our experts will assist you in determining your existing lighting costs and requirements.

Proposal to Your Building Owner or Lessee

The many benefits of GreenLight Induction Lighting apply to both building owner and lessee. Without clear communication and proposals, however, the process of talking to your lessor or lessee can get confusing.

GreenLight Induction Lighting will supply your team with clear, high-quality deliverables and proposals in order to simplify the process from consultation to installation.

Call us or submit our online form today and receive your free consultation.

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