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High-Efficiency Induction Lighting Systems for Retrofit and Specified Installation

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Green Light Induction Lighting, a division of Green Energy Management Solutions, LLC (GEMS) researches, analyzes and installs new technologies in Lighting from HID (high intensity discharge) to LED (light emitting diode).

Gregory Kalatsky, founder of GEMS made several observations many years ago. He was defining how he viewed the endless possibilities for induction lighting and how far they had come since the last century. His company's primary purpose is to reduce the high cost of energy in electric lighting bills by "Doing more with Less" for Industrial, Commercial & Multi-residential lighting across the US. GEMS offers the benefit of free initial consultation to see if they can get you a decent Return on Investment (ROI) by creating a spread sheet of three major characteristics: Energy dollar savings compared to pre and post, Material savings with induction technology lighting and Maintenance savings.

They can even show how beneficial the reduction of HID lighting can be to your air conditioning bill. This distinguishes GEMS from other competitors.

Company history

After starting GEMS in 2007 they started installing energy saving technology for major corporations and got upwards of 22% savings on motors that they treated with energy savings devices.

Once this part of the company started developing they found that their clients asked if they could treat their lighting needs also. The lighting technology business has been effected by "Out with old and in with the new".

So GEMS looked at what is latest and greatest; they found only three possibilities that are very effective in reducing energy usage and hazardous disposal (mercury). This is what they call going "GREEN".

Profiles of executives

Gregory Kalatsky - CEO

Semicoa-semiconductors - Technical Advisor

MRW Energy- Testing and Implementation, Sales, demonstration and Lead Generation

Newport Beach, CA 92660



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