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High-Efficiency Induction Lighting Systems for Retrofit and Specified Installation


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We provide a number of services to simplify the process of updating your facilities with our induction lighting products.

Our induction lighting products boast numerous benefits:

bullet 100,000 continuous hours rated life
bullet Up to 20-year+ replacement interval*
bullet As fast as 1-year ROIs**
bullet High efficacy, Non-Glare bulbs
bullet Operating temperatures between -31° and 135°F
bullet Simple induction lighting retrofit kits
bullet “Instant-On” bulb startup & restrike
bullet Excellent vibration resistance
bullet 85 CRI color rendering for excellent visibility
  More GreenLight Induction Lighting Benefits

All GreenLight Induction Lighting products are built to withstand the challenges unique to your business, while meeting and exceeding your energy-conserving requirements. From high quality outdoor induction light fixtures to indoor induction lighting retrofit fixtures, the experts at GreenLight Induction Lighting will create a customized and effective solution for your business.

It's safe to say that, with few exceptions, if your business isn’t utilizing induction lighting technology, you’re wasting money and energy!

Induction Lighting vs. Other Current
Lighting Technologies

GreenLight Induction Lighting products compare favorably to the many other current industry standard technologies such as halogen, mercury vapor, metal halide, high pressure sodium and fluorescent lighting in terms of pupil

> View our detailed comparison chart.

With the inevitable, upcoming maintenance intervals always looming in the near future of most facilities with moderate-to-significant lighting requirements, simple induction lighting retrofit kits (utilizing a structure's existing wiring connections) are a quick, cost-effective way to update your building's lighting and take advantage of the numerous benefits that GreenLight induction lighting has to offer.

Induction Lighting: How It Works


GreenLight Induction Lights consist of two main components: a ballast and a sealed, gas-filled bulb. Light is produced via electromagnetic induction, without an electrode or any electrical connection inside the bulb. Instead, high frequency magnetic fields are induced from outside the sealed chamber.


Because there is no fragile electrode burning within, lamp life expectancy is increased to 100,000 hours - over 500% longer than standard HID and fluorescent technology. Read more...

Why Induction Lighting?

Induction lighting has the potential to reduce your lighting costs by up to 65%, while simultaneously improving the quality of light output and lengthening your light replacement intervals by up to 500%.


Induction Light Supply

GreenLight Induction Lighting provides induction lighting fixtures and bulbs at costs of up to 45% less than some competitors... Read more

Retrofit and Specified Installation Support

If your existing building does not currently utilize induction lighting technology, our retrofit products are designed to work with your existing electrical connections for a simple upgrade process. We will work with your existing electrical contractors or recommend a firm... Read more

On-site and Remote Lighting Audits

In order to provide an accurate estimate of your potential savings with a GreenLight Induction Lighting system, our experts can assist you in determining your existing lighting costs... Read more

Proposal to Building Owner or Lessee

The many benefits of GreenLight Induction Lighting apply to both building owner and lessee. Without clear communication and proposals, however, the process of talking to your lessor or lessee can get confusing... Read more


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